Saturday, April 16, 2011

Best video to date

Sometimes I wish I had a video camera taped to my forehead so that I could make sure and get videos of Finn doing new and exciting things. Finn does cute things all the time that I never get on camera. I was lucky with this one though.

Finn also had surgery the other day at Primary Children's Hospital. He had a minor hypospadia gap that they stitched up (his urethra wasn't closed all the way). Everything went fine and it was only a 1 hour surgery (although we were there from 9:30-3 pm). The only hard part was when he came off the general anesthesia. He was definitely not a happy camper.

As we were waiting with all the other parents in the waiting room we talked to a couple whose daughter has a cleft pallet. She was having her 2nd surgery and would still have to have 3 more. How worrisome to have a child have to go through that many major surgeries. We were grateful that Finn's was so minor.


Dan+Alli said...

He is totally doing the "I love you sign" in the picture on the right! He is such a cutie. It was fun seeing you guys the other day.

Trey said...

i don't think there is such a thing as a happy baby coming off general. kids always have a rough go in the PACU. glad his lieutenant is stitched up and ready to go. we should skype

Kim said...

I didn't know he had that. Lincoln did too. He had to have the surgery twice. He didn't heal up very well the first time. Finn is a sweet little baby!

Kari said...

Poor little guy. It really does look like he's doing I love you in that picture. I hope things get better.

Linds said...

So glad to hear that everything went well. Surgery can be so scary-especially the waiting game. Again, so happy everyone is doing well.

Your video is stinking cute!

Missy said...

We are happy to hear the surgery went well. He is growing up so fast!

MSmith said...'s 11:55 p.m. and the grandparents are up watching the Finn flick again and again. It's wouldn't play on the IPhone. It makes our hearts sing :)