Thursday, April 21, 2011

This n' that

Finn turned 11 months on the 18th, so here are some pics of him. Dennen's shoe looks huge next to him! He wears a size 12, so go figure. Cold, rainy, windy, snowy, whatever the weather, I try to go on a walk with Finn every day or so. I'd been using the Baby Ergo we have, but we just got a new stroller about a week ago and I love it! It's a Maclaren umbrella stroller. Some cool things about it is that it has a sun shade that you can remove, and a rain cover. Plus, it's an umbrella stroller (the only kind of stroller I like).

For those of you that care for an update on Finn's anorexic behavior (which I'm sure you all do), we took him to see his doctor on Tuesday and he got Finn set up to see a dietician as well as an occupational therapist. I'm sure it will help.

My grandparents went to Germany awhile back and brought me this funny apron... hee hee (: Nothin' like a busty German gal cookin' up some dinner! The other picture is of recent finds from DI. You'll never guess how much I got that Kelty bag for. One dolla!! I also found Finn that cute little sweater (although he probably won't fit into it until next Spring). The sweet cowboy boots my friend Cashia found for me. Oh how I love thrift shopping! Hopefully I don't end up on the show Hoarders... Don't worry, I always try and take something to DI if I get something.


MSmith said...

Might be kinda fun to borrow your apron to live up to my reputaton at work. :)

The Fraziers said...

Bwahaha, I double dog dare ya!!

The Hendricks said...

wowee! that's quite the apron! I like umbrella strollers too, light weight, comfortable to grasp, very compact. however, im slightly too tall to use them which makes me so sad. I love those little boots!

Kelly said...

that's an awesome apron!!!! How come I never find anything at DI???