Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy birthday Finn!!

Wow, Finn is a year old! I'm not gonna lie. The first months of his life went by at a snail's pace. I would mark the days off the calendar waiting for the magical 4 month mark when supposedly everything would get better. And granted all of our spirits slowly improved, but it definitely took time.

Thinking back... The beginning was pretty rough (and still is at times), but he is such a joy in our lives and we love the little stinker to pieces!! Here are some fun facts about Finn lately.

  • tenses up and shakes when he smiles
  • loves story time
  • loves bath-time and splashes a lot
  • extremely energetic
  • likes crawling over us when we're laying on the floor
  • squeezes his stuffed animals and burrows his face into them
  • snuggles his face into us now (only when he's not giving us the stiff arm because he wants to get down)
  • really fast at getting from point A to point B
  • jabbers quite a bit with intonation in his voice, but no actual words yet
  • loves going on walks
  • very perceptive
  • loves playing on the grass and putting sticks, grass, leaves and anything else in his mouth
  • always gives dad a big cheesy grin when he walks in from work
  • pulls up all the time now and cruses along the furniture
  • determined
  • likes it when we sing and dance with him
  • will clap his hands together now when we say, "clap, clap, clap."
  • gives high fives
  • likes getting his teeth brushed (he has 6 now)

I can't believe how he's changed so much from when he was brand new baby that weighed 4 lbs 3 oz. He looks a ton better now! I made a collage with 1 picture from each month of his life. You can really see the difference with the pictures all next to each other.

I also made a movie comprised of videos we've taken since he was born. It's kind of long... But I'm sure family will enjoy watching it. Sorry the quality isn't that great. Our laptop just wasn't up to the task of exporting it at a higher quality.

Finn's 1st Year from Hilary Frazier on Vimeo.


Michelle said...

I love all the pictures! I can't believe how big he is now! The last time we saw Finn he was still teeny tiny like in the first few pictures. Now he's all growed up! Love the little toofers. Happy birthday little man!

Gwendolyn Fullmer said...

The birthday party you set up looks incredible, you are so creative and definitely have an eye for set up and decor. I'm so happy that little Finn had his birthday! May is a great birthday month. He's grown so much and looks so healthy and happy, you're a great mom and it shows in his smile.

Dan+Alli said...

I loved that video. Hillary he is SO SO CUTE!!! I love him. And I love how close in age him and Cody are. His party was adorable. I'm glad we could make it. I know I keep saying this but next time your down here lets go on a hike!

Anonymous said...

A very creative video of Finn's
1st year. WE really enjoyed watching the progress he has made, thanks to his Mom & Dad. A great famiily.
love, g-jane

Kari said...

Good idea to make a video. It made me realize that we have no videos of when Beck was born. We'll have to make sure to do video on the next kid. Maybe I'll have to do a video for Beck's 2nd birthday. Did you make it on a mac?

Garth said...

Happy Birthday Finn! Love and Kisses!

Grandpa Garth

Tyler said...

Awesome video and pictures. Wish I could have been there.

Kali said...

His birthday party looked sooo cute! Those are totally Finn's colors! I wish we could of come. I can't believe he's 1!

Kristen, Jarom and Jerry said...

Finn is so cute, and you are such a great mom. I am so impressed with all that you do, (pictures, videos, party,...) it makes me feel like a total slacker.

MSmith said...

It is so fun to watch you having such fun being parents and lovin' Finn head to toe and inside out. You are a great little fam!

The Kynastons said...

That video is SO awesome!!! You will love having that...I've watched Macie's first year video so many times and it makes me teary-eyed almost every time. :) Finn will absolutely love it when he's older, too. Nice work! What program did you use to make it?