Monday, May 16, 2011

Finn's 1st birthday bash

Although Finn's birthday isn't until the 18th, we were down in Orem and thought we'd celebrate it with our family and friends down there. This post will just mainly be pictures. On his actual birthday I'll write a bit more about his first year of life.

I found a cute little Martha Stewart elephant paper punch at Robert's that I made tons of tiny paper elephants with.

All the animal fabric was from my grandma. Straight from the 70's! My mom made a quilt for Finn out of it, and the remainder I used to decorate for his birthday.

Couldn't quite get a smile out of him next to his birthday cake. Oh well (:

I made a little birthday wish book for people to sign, and I'll fill it with pictures from his birthday party later. I also made a collage picture compiled of 1 picture from each month up to a year. Crazy to see how much he has changed! He seriously used to look like a skinny, bald, old man.

He wasn't too hip about the cupcake and only ate a little bit of the frosting. Everyone kept trying to get him to eat some, and I loaded him up on cream cheese fruit dip which led to a barf-fest later that night. Woops (:

He kind of got in to tearing the wrapping paper off his gifts.

Finn playing with his cousin's Emma and Thomas.

I don't think babies really get what's going on for their 1st birthday. At least Finn didn't. And he seemed a little overwhelmed by all the people around. But he really enjoyed playing with the other kiddos that came! Thanks to everyone that came and for the love that you show Finn every day!


Anonymous said...

it looks like it turned out to be a really fun party. you guys did great work on all the cute decorations. wish we could have been there! lots of love, megan and josh

denise said...

So happy to see the wild birthday celebration. He is a ray of sunshine for everyone around him.
Auntie D

Kari said...

Wow, it all looks awesome! Beck wasn't into his birthday party either. He had no idea what was going on and was overstimulated and cried a lot. I expect the next one to be better.


Beautiful Birthday party! I love the theme. Finn looks like curious
about his gifts.Wishing all the best on his day, health and happyness!Love always...

MSmith said...

It was a wonderful weekend, watching you and Dennen provide such a fantastic celebration for him.

Katie said...

Wow. Could that bow-tie BE any cuter?

Chynna said...

Cute decorations! Happy Birthday Finn!

The Kynastons said...

Hilary, I love it all! The cake, the elephants, the colors, Finn's bowtie, etc. What a perfect party! And Macie was totally overwhelmed on her birthday, too...I think the first birthday is mostly for parents to celebrate. :)

Happy, happy birthday to Finn tomorrow!

Michelle said...

Your decor is AMAZING! Can you please come out and help me with Lucy's party?! I miss doing crafty things with you Hils. You are one talented lady.
Also, happy birthday Finn!!!