Sunday, June 26, 2011

Last Logan hoorah and Gruesome Grizzly 8K

It's official we've moved to Utah Valley! We'll be in Orem while Dennen applies for PA school. And then it's off to, Oregon, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, or perhaps New York (yeah, pretty much anywhere). We are sooo excited to be closer to family and a lot of our old buddies!!  At the same time, Logan was a great place to live (I lived there 6 years and Dennen 5). We have so many great memories of Logan and have met so many fun people, that we kind of had mixed emotions about moving. But it's like my Grandpa Mel says, "change is good." So we're happy with our decision. Here is a list of fun things we did / things we'll miss in Logan.

  • Oneeda Narrows Hot Springs
  • Riverdale Resort Hot Springs
  • Biking around the Wellsville mountains
  • USU cycling team
  • Numerous hikes
  • Meeting lifelong friends
  • Camping
  • Mountain biking
  • Demo Derbys
  • Fairs
  • Tandori Oven, Chespita Bakery, Charlies 
  • Hanging out with all my siblings
  • Living right by a University

On one of our last days there Dennen and I went hiking with one of my good buddies, Lisa, who was in my grad program with me. She has a little boy, Benson, who is three months younger than Finn. Here are some pictures of our hike on the Crimson Trail.

Oh, and props to my friend for also being 4 months pregnant and doing this hike with us. She toted her little guy the whole way, and Yes, I did offer to carry him. But she did just fine.

Yesterday, Dennen and I ran a trail race at Canyon Glen called the Gruesome Grizzly 8K. I love races, the atmosphere, food, and everything! This one was pretty darn tough though. Dennen got 9th for his age group and I got 4th (there were a lot more guys, so Dennen had quite a bit more competition than I did). We're running another one on July 16th at Big Springs. We'll have a bit more time to train for the next one, so that will be good. Here are the pictures from our race.


The Kynastons said...

YAY you're in Orem! Let's get together sometime and let the kiddos "play" while we catch up! Where does Amandah live now? It'd be fun to get a bunch of us together.

That trail race looks so fun. I am seriously so jealous of you and everyone else that can run races this summer. Awesome job!!

denise said...

congrats on the next move. congrats on the races. congrats, congrats, congrats.
Love y'all
auntie D

Gwendolyn Fullmer said...

I love all the outdoor activities you do, and you make running look effortless and fun, awesome. I'm saving for some running shoes, hopefully that will help me run more, I'm awful at it. I hope you're able to meet and reacquaint yourself with some good friends here in Orem, moves are hard. We just helped two friends pack and move for grad school. If you're ever up for a swim I work at the Scera and Orem Rec teaching the baby swim class, so we love to go with friends.