Thursday, June 2, 2011

Videos and pics

We took some videos of Finn recently and I think they are pretty funny (not that you can't tell from my giggling in them). The first is a card trick that he does with dad. And the other one is of him squeezing his animals! I finally got it on video, hooray!!

And here are some pictures of him out on our lawn.

Also, kid independent is doing a giveaway of 4 items from my etsy shop. So go check it out and enter to win!


Drew and Sadie said...

Oh man Finn is soooo cute! I loved the videos. Also can i say I LOVE your esty shop. Everything is so cute. I fell in love with the elephant very quickly. You are one talented woman!

MSmith said...

har - har - har !!! I laughed at you two saying "squeeeeeeeeeeze 'em!"

The Kynastons said...

You dress Finn so cute! And the videos are awesome...I love his "Squeeze" face (and I agree with you mom - you and Dennen were cracking me up. :) ) I can tell you guys are such great parents...that boy is getting lots of love!

denise said...

What a fmily of cuties! Love all of you

Anonymous said...

Cute card game and the squeeze is such a happy face.
love ya

Britta said...

Gaaaaahhhhh!!! That boy is too cute! I've never seen anybody get so darn excited over a few animal puppets :)