Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What we've been up to

We are now officially internetless. Our neighbors who we shared it with moved. At least it's summer though! Now I go to the public library or to USU. The public library is kind of strange sometimes... The other day when I went, there was this creeper guy next to me that had headphones on and was whispering "kill...kill...kill... kill... them..." etc., etc. Yeah, creepy. And the other guy next to me was looking at women in bikinis (at least the ones I saw) on myspace. Oh yeah, he was also 60 plus years old! Weirdos. So needless to say I won't be doing the bloggy blog thing for awhile. We'll be outside playing now so that will be nice.

Speaking of playing outside... We have been on a lot of fun hikes lately. I credit Dennen. He makes sure we go at least 2 x's a week. Finn absolutely loves it too!! He kicks and jabbers the whole time and then usually falls asleep.

Also, over Memorial Day weekend we went and put flowers on my Grandma Gwen's grave. My Grandpa Dean said, "Gwen would have got a kick out of Finn!" She sure would have. We love and miss you Grandma!

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