Friday, July 15, 2011

Hikin', snakes, and swimmin'

We've been hiking a couple times with our friends the Duncans. There is a really neat trail in Alpine that goes up a canyon called Dry Creek Canyon that I highly recommend. It is sweet! When we were hiking we saw the strangest looking snake that seriously looked like a turd. Dan found out it was a Rubber Boa. Apparently they are a really docile, non-venomous, pretty rare snake. Good to know. Yesterday we hiked Stewart Falls and Dan spotted 2 more! What are the odds, considering they are so rare in Utah?!

Us at Stewart Falls.
Dennen is holding the snake in the top picture. Dan is the "snake whisperer." And then come the two girls that hate snakes! We were having some snake therapy time to help us overcome our fear, and trying to look like we love it.

Dry Creek Canyon in Alpine. Finn and his hiking buddy Cody. I love it, they just take turns jabbering when we hike!

The other day, Dennen and I took Finn to the Lindon pool. We thought it was awesome!! Finn on the other hand begged to differ... He's been to pools before, but never ones where water dumped out of buckets onto his head randomly, kids were screaming and splashing, and the water was too cold. We'll keep taking him though and he'll like it sooner or later.


Birrell Family said...

Dry Creek is way cool. There is a pond up there that the guys bicycle jump in and a waterfall that we slide down... water is pretty cold. Like the snakes :)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't like buckets of cold water dumped on me, and you are going to keep doing this until he likes it.

The Kynastons said...

I love your swimsuit, Hil!

So where is this Dry Creek hike? It looks so awesome and if it's in Alpine it shouldn't be too far from where we live. And I'm impressed you held the snakes! I used to love stuff like that when I was a kid, but I've gotten wussy in my old age. :)