Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New ride

A couple weeks ago we got a bike trailer/jogger. It has been sooo fun to have!! We had been looking on KSL for quite awhile, but found a better deal online from this site. They sell mainly returns so the prices are really marked down. We got Finn a little red helmet as well (we're still working on having it not fall over his face...). It sure is fun to ride around town with Finn now! I also thought that I would hate running with a jogging stroller, but it actually doesn't bother me. Granted, I still like to go on runs by myself. But I won't always have someone to watch Finn. Especially when Dennen is in PA school.

Awhile ago, Dennen and I ran the Battle at Big Springs 8k Trail Race. We both got 4th in our age division. Woot Woot! It was fun, and there were tons of tasty goodies at the end (one of my favorite parts of a race).

Today I took Finn to the Riverwoods to see if he wanted to play in the splash park down there. It's pretty cool, water just randomly shoots out of the ground in certain spots. He wasn't too excited about it... Oh well. Hopefully he'll like it when he's older!


Gwendolyn Fullmer said...

He looks so sweet all tuckered out in his new ride, too cute. I love peaking at Henry when he's asleep, they just look so darn cute and cuddly.
Well if you ever need a biking buddy, we have a carrier for our bike, the chair-car seat looking kind, and love going to our favorite parks with friends.

The Kynastons said...

Hooray for a bike trailer! We should go on a ride up Provo canyon sometime. And I'm going to have to start checking out that website you were talking about. It sounds awesome!