Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Finn swinging

I'm taking a photography class on how to use our DSLR camera (yeah, we don't even know how to use our really nice camera). For this type of thing, I do a lot better in a class setting than reading an instruction manual. It's once a week and we have assignments. This past week we learned about shutter speed. For this assignment I used a technique called, Show Motion, where I used a slow shutter speed. It's hard for me not to mix up the difference between what a picture with a fast and slow shutter speed will look like. So these type of assignments will definitely help me.

Here are the pictures for my assignment. Finn is supposed to be focused and the background blurry. Not perfect, but I'll keep at it.


The Kynastons said...

I have been wanting to take a photography class ever since I got my DSLR...three years ago. Where are you taking yours? Those swing pictures are awesome!

Anonymous said...

You captured the speed and the happiness of the boy!

Linds said...

Those pictures looks great! I would love to take a class. Once a week is totally do-able. Thanks for sharing your homework :)