Sunday, March 18, 2012

My guys

Isn't that hat and bow-tie the cutest thing (besides Finn) you've ever seen? The hat is going to be a challenge to get him to wear, but I am determined. I really don't want his head to get sunburned this summer and I don't want to slime sunscreen is his hair. He wears beanies just fine, but I've never really had him wear baseball caps or other types of hats. Wish me luck! 

This is the first Sunday that Finn actually got down and played with the other kids. I think he finally got the idea that this 'nursery thing' could be really fun. I'm glad he likes it more now. It makes me happy to see him happy.

I saw this quote today that I really like. It is an Eskimo proverb: "Stars are openings in heaven where our loved ones shine bright and let us know they are happy." I can't help but think that although we are sad to live a life without Rowan here, she is at peace.

Lately I've been wanting to share why we chose the song, 'A Living Prayer' by Alison Krauss, to be played at Rowan's funeral service. I've always loved bluegrass gospel music (I especially like the 'O' brother where art thou' soundtrack). It also reminds me of my Grandma Gwen. But back to why it was ultimately chosen... When Dennen and I found out that Rowan had died, we were driving back from the doctor's office and 'A Living Prayer' started playing on the CD we were listening to. I was meant to hear that song at that time. It truly made me feel that although at times we may feel so alone, our Savior and God are always there.

A Living Prayer by Alison Krauss on Grooveshark


Maggie said...

I had to make Greg wear hats after he had that unfortunate accident with the floor of Nordstrom's requiring stitches. My recommendation is to try and find some hats with soft brims. He had a soft brimmed hat that he would wear all the time just fine, but as soon as I tried anything with a stiff brim it would go right off his head. Hope that helps!

Drew and Sadie said...

OH man what a cute family! I have been meaning to write on your blog and let you know that i love ya and have been thinking about you and your family daily. Hope you are doing good! Cute picture of Finn! He is a babe!