Monday, April 2, 2012

Rachel's birthday and skiing

This past weekend I went skiing with my parents at Solitude (Dennen had to work). We had a grand ol' time! It was also chocolate day, which is where they hand out free chocolate treats at the resort. So that was an added perk as well!! I love all the different seasons of skiing within ski season. I'm sure those of you who ski know what I'm talking about... There's the beginning of the ski season where everyone is so excited to whip those skis out and head to the mountain. Then there's the middle of the season with the usually (not this year) good storms that bring lots of powder. And then there's Spring skiing which is way laid back, warm, with slushy snow. I enjoy each of the different times for their unique reasons.

It was also my youngest sister Rachel's birthday. She is 22 and argues that she isn't an adult yet. I beg to differ Rach. Anyway, we had a fun time with family this weekend! You can probably tell by the pictures below.

Dad enjoying a Creamie, and mom a chocolate strawberry. Yum!

Yeah, we're dorks pretending to blow the candles out :)

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