Sunday, October 14, 2012

Biking in Vermont

This weekend, Hilary, Finn, and I went on a mini-vacation to a magical place... Vermont. We ended up going to Kingdom Trails in East Burke with two other couples. Kingdom Trails is a HUGE collective of interconnecting bike trails that are almost exclusively on private property. You buy a day pass, like skiing, to access the trails. It was incredibly gorgeous. The air was crisp and clear (and freezing), it was sunny, and the views were amazing. The trails occasionally cross huge, green fields of mowed grass with amazing views. It was unlike any other place I've ever biked.

In the afternoon, I stopped biking and met up with Hilary and Finn. We drove to a hill-top monastery with great views and let Finn ride his bike. That's right. Finn is into biking. Before we left, Hilary told him we were going to Vermont to go biking and he got super excited. He kept saying, "biking, ah-mont" and riding his balance bike all over the house. He rode his bike around the monastery about four times and every time we put him in the car, he had a melt down because he wanted to keep riding. The monastery was also a popular rest stop for people biking. Every time a big group of (usually French-Canadian) bikers stopped to rest, Finn would walk right into the middle of their group and lay his tiny, red bike next to their rigs. Then they would laugh, say something in French, and Finn would get embarrassed and run away. It was really entertaining.

All in all, it was a great trip. Good friends, good biking, and post-ride pizza always make for a good day. And thank you, Steineckert family, for hanging out with the Finn-meister in the back seat. He (and we) enjoyed the company.


The Kynastons said...

I'm so jealous of all the cool places you guys live by!!! That's the great thing about the east coast...everything is (relatively) close and easy to visit. Looks like an awesome vacation and Finn is so cool on his little balance bike!

Anonymous said...

I am grinning so hard my cheeks ache.
Grandma Marci

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. It is plain to see that Finn is into biking ;)

Grandpa Garth

Jacquelyn said...

ok your pictures are beautiful! it really makes me want to go there. what a fun bike ride! you guys look like you have such a good time. finding the joy in where you live. question.... i want to try knitting and am wondering what needles or a set you recommend. the stuff you make is amazing.

Anonymous said...

A balance bike looks like a good way to start learning to ride.
Soooo fun to ride as a family and with friends.

Anonymous said...

Looove the pictures!!!

xxxooo, Oma

Jenn said...

love that photo of you and Finn with that beautiful background... (It almost looks fake). It looks like you two are pretty close buddies. :)