Sunday, October 14, 2012

Family Fun

Derek, Mandy, and their kids, Thomas and Emma, came and stayed with us for about a week at the end of September. We had so much fun with them! Finn loved playing with his cousins (although at times, it turned into fighting, which is to be expected I guess). They had glow stick baths, played store, and read books together. We went to beaches, lighthouses, the children's museum, downtown, Smiling Hill Farm, and more.

We are so happy that Derek and Mandy were willing to fly standby with two kids, to come and visit us. Oh, and Mandy is 6 months pregnant as well. Sometimes traveling to get somewhere is the hardest part. A lot of times it would just be easier to stay home. We pretty much chose to live in about the furthest spot in the United States from our families. We are very grateful that being far away doesn't matter to people, and that they will still come and see us!

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