Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's Been Awhile

I've needed to take a break with a lot of things in my life lately (everything "internet" was included in this). I've had some people tell me that they miss my blog posts. Even a blogger friend wrote me an email to see how I am doing, and to let me know she likes reading our blog and misses it. Thanks :).

I have been doing pretty good, although with the 1 year anniversary of Rowan's death coming up I have had a lot on my mind... I've decided to actually come up with some New Year's Goals this year (I never usually do) to help me through some stress I've been dealing with lately. I think it should help. When Rowan passed away, I was always open to the idea of going to therapy if I felt like I truly needed it. But for me, the best therapy I can give myself is writing. When I was a kid/adolescent, I filled up 5 journals. It has really helped me throughout my life. I'm going to continue to post on our blog as well as in my journal (which is one of my goals).

Well, I guess I'll catch everyone up with our recent going-on's. I never got around to posting the pictures from our Thanksgiving (I know that's forever ago...). Anyway, we had 20 people over to our 2 bedroom apartment. It was so much fun!! My brother and his now fiance, Emily, and her two boys, Mason and Milo, even came from New York and stayed with us. After Thanksgiving, we even had a lobster dinner with them. We're so excited for them to join our family!

During the first week of December, Dennen's mom came out and flew back to Utah with Finn and me. Dennen wasn't able to come until his final's were over on the 22nd. Dennen's mom works for JetBlue, so it was a better deal for us to go with her. Thanks Gundi!

It sure was nice to see both of our families over the holidays. We were able to see some of our long-time Utah friends as well. Finn had an overabundance of people and cousins to play with. And Dennen and I were able to go skiing at Alta. It was a good time!

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Gwendolyn Fullmer said...

Your blog is so refreshing and inspiring. I too take breaks sometimes, mostly for lack of what and how to write. And I really enjoy journaling. I hope that will be of a help you. Its helped me a lot in my life. I have over 22 journals, some are for venting, others for counting blessings, and others are what I do each day. I write a little as the children nap. Journaling is like a way of not letting things get bottled up without having to vent to all. You're so amazing and talented.

Derek said...

I love that picture of Finn with the Christmas tree in the backgound!

The Murray Family said...

It's good to hear from you! I've been thinking a lot about you lately. I'm glad there was plenty of snow for you to enjoy some skiing while you were here. Hope school is going well for Dennen and you and Finn are enjoying Main.

Ry and Heather said...

Yay! I'm happy you're back! How's Maine? Ry and I really wanna come up there and check it out! We were watching a documentary about water and how Maine has a bunch of natural springs that you could go up and drink right out of the ground from the natural filtration (sound like a boring documentary right?) but it made us really wanna come visit Maine! It looks GORGEOUS! Also - I want some Maine lobstah real bad! Tell Dennen hi! I hope y'all are doing well!

Claudia said...

hooray! glad to see an update! You look beautiful, and your strength and grace help others.
may blessings fill your new year!
* lil mr smiling with Christmas tree in back, best shot ever!

Unknown said...

Wow! Its great to see the Frazier family all together in that Christmas photo. I can't get over Mr. Frazier's beard! I hope all is well.