Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rain-gutter Book Shelves

I've had some friends do these in their kid's rooms, so I thought I'd give it a try. I bought two plastic rain-gutters from Home Depot that were 10 feet long and had them cut in half. I didn't want to buy a hack saw, so I just asked an employee at the store if they would cut it for me. I also bought end caps for them so they would have more of a finished look. Next I used wall mounts to attach the rain-gutters to the wall. They are secured in three places, so they're pretty sturdy. I only needed three for the wall. So Finn has loved having the extra one as a car ramp!

In Finn news, sometimes when he goes pee and I don't point his penis down fast enough, he'll pee on the wall. Then he'll say, "Finn peed on the wall, it's funny!" No Finn, it's not funny when the bathroom smells like urine because you peed all over the place. Speaking of going to the bathroom... The other day he had finished going, and his underwear was on the floor. I flushed the toilet and turned to the sink to get something. In that split second Finn tossed his "unders" into the toilet. They didn't have a chance. The toilet started to over flow so I ran to get the plunger and forced them down. Needless to say, we had quite the discussion about what goes in the toilet.

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The Black Chandelier said...

Love the rain gutter shelves! I've been wanting to do those in our playroom forever!

Marie said...

What a good idea! They look so good.

Michelle said...

I love those! I'll have to remember that for wherever we move next. And I love little Finny's slippers! Those look so comfy and warm.

Jacquelyn said...

ADORABLE! I must do this to my place now. I've seen this on pinterest but thought nothing of it. Yours however, are so cute! thanks. And potty training... always an adventure!

Claudia said...

been THERE! believe it or not, they do get the hang of it! remember the "misfire" happening at a friend's house, like a firehose, oh, gee I couldn't apologize enough!
book shelves look great! nice space saver too!
carry on!

catie said...

love the rain gutter book shelves.
with the covers facing out you can mix up the selection & he can really see the books, not just the spines.

once my son peed in the cat's litter box. i was not amused.

have you tried putting one cheerio in the toilet so he can try to hit it? might help his aim ; )

one tip for the pee smell: we use melaleuca products & their "sol-u-mel" is like magic for eliminating odors. good luck!

Dan+Alli said...

I'll be calling to walk me through this when we get our own place. I'm home depot/ anything do it yourself challenged.

Callie said...

Those look great! Sounds like potty training a boy is quite the adventure!

The Hendricks said...

This post was a well needed laugh. I love the rain gutters as shelves, i may have to give it a try. Miss you