Thursday, January 17, 2013

Skiing and Lunch in a Box

I'll admit something... I'm a lover of winter! That is, as long as there is snow to do fun winter sports. And for our family that's skiing. Yesterday we got a huge snow storm that dropped about a foot of snow. I knew we had to take advantage of it, so I decided that Finn and I would go x-country skiing today.

I was a little worried because Finn didn't really like just scooting around on his skis in the snow the past couple times I've taken him. Also, I took him sledding with his cousin's and he was kind of scared of the whole idea of shooting down a hill at light speed (in his mind) on something that seems to have little, to no control.

Today I decided to combine the two. I took him down a "teeny, tiny, little, baby hill," as Finn would say it. He loved it!!! And actually kept saying that he wanted to do it again. Goal accomplished. For some reason, going down a hill on skis isn't terrifying, like going down on a sled is. It probably didn't hurt that I told him if he did really good and was happy, I would buy him a Reese's (this kid's favorite candy).

After skiing, we had lunch in a box. Literally. We got a whole bunch of paper towels and toilet paper shipped to us from my mom and dad (they wanted to help us out with some essentials), and the box it all came in was huge. Finn likes to share his food with Dennen and me, as well as with his animals. He was feeding his puppy some cashews because, "Finn loves puppies". And he also told me today, "mommy loves lambs". Yep, kind of random.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome wonderfulness!!! Wish I was there to sit in the box with Finn and the puppy. Love you, Mom

Claudia said...

Aww! These are the days! Look at him feeding his puppy! The days are long but the years are short, so glad you are making those memories!

Callie said...

You are such a fun mom!