Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pennsylvania and a Boston Wedding

My mom flew to Maine a couple weeks ago to help us start packing for our next move. Yes, to our dismay, we are moving once again. Dennen will be doing most of his rotations 2 hours north of where we live now, so we figured it would be wise to head north. We'll be close to Bangor which will be nice because we'll be by Acadia National Park, Moosehead Lake, and Mount Katahdin. We're just sad to leave because we really like the area where we live now, and we're going to miss the friends we've made here. In the 6 years we've been married we've moved 7 times.

After my mom helped us pack, she flew out to Pennsylvania with Finn and me to visit my sister. We had a lot of fun! Megan planned some awesome things for us to do. We went to Gettysburg, Hershey, Harrisburg, and Amish Country. Finn had a great time and enjoyed seeing his Aunt Megan and Uncle Josh.

Next, we hopped on a train and headed to Boston. My parents rented a house for us to stay in that was in the suburbs of Boston. It was in a nice area and there were a lot of parks close by that we could take Finn to. On Friday, we went to Tyler and Emily's wedding luncheon at an amazing restaurant. It was followed up by pedicures/manicures for all the ladies.

Saturday was the big wedding. It was amazing! I just have to say that Emily has great taste (sorry Tyler, you can't take any credit). They had it at a venue called Codman Estate in Lincoln, Massachusetts. It was a gorgeous wedding that took place in a New England, farm/ranch-like setting. They were lucky to have nice weather as well. The food, decor, and ambiance were perfect. Congrats you two!

And I had to share this picture that their photographer took. Here is a link to his fb photography page: Isaac Wu Photography. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures he took, this one is amazing!


Claudia said...

best wishes on your next landing! always a new adventure!

Michelle said...

Okay hold the phone, did you come to Hershey and not stop by the Banburys??!!

The Murray Family said...

How fun to hop from one state to another like that. You have such a great family. I love how even though you and your siblings have moved away you still see each other and stay close. I hope we can do the same when we move.
That wedding looks like it was absolutely charming.