Thursday, July 18, 2013

A New Look

Lately I've been changing the look of my etsy shop. I'm trying to go with more gray backgrounds instead of white. I like the look so far... Also, because we'll soon have 2 kids in the house I'm trying to write up all of my knitting patterns to sell. Selling patterns is quick and efficient and I'm sure will help me not feel overwhelmed with orders in the months to come.

So far I've have 6 knitting patterns. You can see them in my shop here: There are a couple of my knit boot cuff patterns, some fingerless gloves, a knitting pattern for a boys bow tie, a cabled slouchy hat pattern, and a knitting pattern for thumb-less baby mittens. Since all I have is a refurbished HP laptop and it only has Microsoft Word... My sister-in-law is helping me make my patterns look more professional by using Adobe Indesign. Thanks Emily!

I still have 7 more patterns that I eventually want to write up. But when that will happen? Who knows... I want to write up 3 sewing patterns for the new designs of baby shoes I've come up with. But it's proving more difficult than I expected.


Dennen Frazier said...

Who is that modeling the hats? She is one fine-looking, super-foxy woman.
- A secret admirerer (actually, your husband, since I don't want you to get creeped out)

Claudia Marie said...

the page looks very good, strong and consistent with the layout and pic quality!

good design is always appreciated!

MSmith said...

Where did you get the cute kid with the bowtie?