Friday, July 5, 2013

Finn Playing

Finn has become a lot more imaginative these days. I love watching and listening to what he comes up with! The other night, he came up with a game called "whacky sack." Dennen and I stood on pillows in our living room while holding strings. Then Finn came along and threw things at us (we had to put and end to the throwing part though). When we told him he couldn't throw things he replied, "it's okay, it's just part of the game, it's not a big deal." Touché Finn.

He wanted to line up all of his board books to make his book train, "real so long!" We also have a nice big deck which is perfect for Finn to play in a bucket of water with all of his sand toys. Oh, and he really likes Popsicles lately. It may be due to the fact that when we were at the playground the other day, he fell and bit a hole in his tongue... To the point where we were going to take him to get it stitched up (imagine 1cm in diameter by 1cm deep). But apparently with mouth wounds, especially when it comes to kids, they heal quickly. Building his train tracks is another favorite activity. He'll gather all of his animals and put them in the middle because they, "watch the train go by." And he still enjoys lining up his cars.

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