Monday, August 19, 2013

Moosehead Lake Trip

Since moving to Maine there are some things that we've really wanted to do, one of them being to go to Moosehead Lake. We went this past week and had a great time! I'm 33 weeks pregnant, and definitely needed an air mattress to be comfortable for camping. I slept in my own tent, and Dennen bunked up with Finn.

On the first night we drove out to Lazy Tom Bog, which apparently is a great spot to see moose. We didn't see any while out there but on our drive back we spotted one!

On the next day we hiked Big Moose Mountain it was a 6 mile hike and Finn hiked about a mile and a half of it himself. He was such a trooper, and so excited to go hiking. There were also a lot of toads on the hike.We got a beautiful view from the top of Moosehead Lake, but shortly after arriving to the top it started to pour rain so we booked it out of there. Dennen and Finn swam a bit that evening, and we finished up the day with some tasty black bean burritos and s'mores.

Dennen is a great trip planner! He got everything ready, including the food and planning what we were going
 to do while there. I'm glad he did, because I was pretty much just along for the ride.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Love you guys!!