Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Before Christmas Maine got some pretty big ice storms (and they're still coming). Dennen had to chisel the ice off of our cars multiple times. Not just a little bit of ice either, it was at least an inch thick! Finn enjoyed going out to help.

We had our family Christmas a few days early because we flew on Christmas Eve to Utah. Finn got some wooden building blocks, a puzzle, and some matchbox cars (always a favorite). Margo just enjoyed the bustle in her little Christmas outfit. She did get a peacock baby toy from my parents that she loves!

While in Utah, we've been able to visit with a lot of family. Some of which we haven't seen in over a year. We also took Margo and Finn to visit their sister Rowan's grave. Finn has been having a grand ol' time with his cousins Thomas, Emma, and Joseph. He even had a sleepover at their house the other night (lucky guy). I love seeing them play together! There aren't a lot of kids in Maine that Finn plays with so it's been really nice for him to have some playmates.

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