Thursday, December 12, 2013

2 Months Old

Margo is such a sweetie! I love kissing her chubby little cheeks. She "coos" quite a bit and smiles. She is getting pretty good at tummy time and lifting her head. She'll sleep for a 6-7 hour chunk at night. Finn is a great source of entertainment for her. She snuggles and I love it! Not much of a binky lover besides for sleeping sometimes (which I'm totally fine with). And she loves taking a bath with Finn.

My mom has gotten them both some matching Thanksgiving and Christmas pajamas recently that are so cute! We had some friends from Portland come to our place for Thanksgiving. It was so fun and we were happy to have the company. Finn is getting really excited for Christmas (which he pronounces "keh-mas"). When he disobeys from time to time, all I have to say is "maybe Santa won't bring you any presents and just coal..." Then he quickly responds, "no, no, I'll be good! I don't want coal! It's yucky like garbage!" I wonder if any parents have ever actually given their kids coal? I wouldn't have the heart to.

We had a little bit of snow one day and I helped Finn make a snowman. He actually wanted to call it a "snow bear". Finn has so much stinking energy these days! It's fun to see how excited he gets about things and his zest for life, but man, somehow it's draining... Now that our cold and dark Maine winter is here and the temperatures are in the single digits, I feel like we all need to get out and move around a bit more. Dennen tries to make time for me to go to the gym which is nice. Speaking of Dennen, he was a great dad and put up some Christmas lights for Finn.

At this time of year I am grateful for so much. I love my little family and how they help me learn to be a better person every day.


Anonymous said...

:) :) ;)


Anonymous said...

Love the update!! Love you all!!!

Anonymous said...

the pictures are GREAT!! Thanks for sending them. It makes us feel so much closer. love to all g-jane

catie said...

my goodness...
these two together are almost more cuteness than i can bear.
i love that last shot of finn holding margo.
thank you, hilary, for sharing your happy heart.
merry christmas to your sweet little family.
p.s. finn's "yucky like garbage" analogy is the best.