Monday, March 3, 2014

February Happenings

I think Instagram is slowly starting to take over my blogging... It's an easy way to post pictures for friends and family to see what you're up to, but I need to catch up with our blog because I'm going to make another blog book for our family soon.

February 1st I turned 29. Happy birthday to me! Crazy that I've entered the last year of my 20's... I went and hung out with some of my Utah pals in SLC. We had breakfast, went shopping, gabbed, and laughed. I'm lucky to have such good friends.

Finn has been enjoying preschool and playing with his cousins. He likes to make "inventions" which are basically tape, paper, straws, and anything else taped together. He has made engines, remotes, and fans. I love to see his little imagination work! He misses Dennen and likes to facetime with him and show him the inventions he's come up with. He also likes to play in my parent's back yard (yes, it has been warm enough) in the dirt and with Eddie. My parents and I recently took Finn alpine skiing for his first time at Park City. I was so proud and am excited to start taking him more. I love skiing and have missed it a ton since having kiddos. But I guess parenting is about sacrifice. Finn is so good with Margo now and gives her hugs, kisses, and makes her smile a lot. I love to see their relationship developing!

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