Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Past Month or Two

With our stay in Utah and traveling back to Maine, I've gotten a bit behind with what's been going on with us. We had a great time in Utah with family and friends. It definitely made us want to be closer to family after Dennnen graduates. We love Maine (specifically Southern Maine), but winters have been killer! I guess these past two have been harsher than average... I'm fine with winter. But once you throw kids in to the mix, it definitely gets rough. West coast winters are nothing compared to the midwest and east! We had days here where we just didn't go outside because there was no way we could dress Finn and Margo warm enough.

Dennen will be graduating May 16th and we are sooo excited (although, Dennen is a bit nervous...). We are hoping for the Pacific Northwest in Oregon or Washington. It would definitely make it easier to travel with kiddos. I flew back to Maine by myself with Finn and Margo. They both did great! But let's just say that I wouldn't care to do that very often.

Margo also turned 6 months! I got busy and didn't post about her turning 5 months. Everyone that is around describes her as "pleasant". I would have to agree fully. She is such a sweet and happy baby. She is tiny (5th percentile for weight) but so content. I've started solids and she has really taken to them. She loves sweet potatoes, rice cereal, carrots, green beans, banana mixed with avocado, apple sauce, and squash. She can roll over both directions and is getting closer to sitting up. She loves to squeal, babble, and blow spit bubbles. Oh, and she is quite fond of her older brother and smiles whenever he is around.

Finn had so much fun in Utah! He loves his cousins and was able to spend quite a bit of time with them. He
also went to preschool while there and thoroughly enjoyed it. He is learning to write his name and has gotten better with his letters and numbers. Although we still have a lot to work on. And as always, he has been enjoying inventing things. That's actually how he entertained himself on the plane. Scotch tape, coffee straws, and circle stickers.

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Katie said...

Move to Denver...you'll love it here. It's perfection!