Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Getting ready

Since little Finn has only about 2 months left to bake in my oven I have been preparing some things for his arrival. I wanted to know what types of things are most important to have so I asked some of my friends who already have kidos.

One of THE most important things to have, according to my friend Kelly, is lots of onsies. I can see the logic in this. For quite awhile we're going to have a little human that barfs and poops non-stop. I have come to accept this fact and decided to heed my friend's advice. I bought a whole bunch of onsies and spiced them up.

The images are Marimekko and I love them. They just needed a little touch up in photoshop. I bought some iron-ons (which are so cool by the way) and printed off the images on an ink-jet printer. The best thing of all? They are actually machine washable.

Another project that I put together were some wee little shoes. I LOVE baby shoes! The only problem is, buying cute ones from a store is super expensive. Plus, the kid will grow out of them in like a week. I bought some wool felt (from a specialty quilting store) and tried to copy a pattern of some baby shoes I like on etsy.

I'm quite satisfied with the results of both projects. Making things for Finn actually helps me not focus on how worried I actually am about being a parent. Everyone is nervous about becoming a parent... right?


Kari said...

Everything is so cute! I'm impressed you just figured out how to make the shoes.

And yes, everyone is scared to be a parent! I was weird though cause people kept asking, "Are you so ready to be done?" I was like, "HELL NO, my life is gonna change big time!" I was ok with going to the very end. But I didn't really get to.

Cute blog design, by the way.

Dennen and Hilary Frazier said...

Haha, that about sums up how I feel right now! It's not that bad toting around something inside of me.

Thanks for the heads-up about how to do new blog designs. That's how I came up with ours (:

Nichole said...

Oh, being a parent is so scary! Everyone says it is hard, but really you have no idea until you actually have to do it. Cute designs.

Meesh said...

I heart all of your crafties! The onesies and shoes are so you Hil, I love them! And hello, you know we were freaked out to be parents!! You are not the only ones. :)

Kelly said...

I still wake up every morning scared of what the day is going to bring me with my two boys. You'll be a great mom! Finn is going to be so stylish I love it.


First of all, yes everyone is nervous to be parents! I totally remember the feeling. That being said, though, don't let yourself worry TOO much cause you'll be great. You will figure everything out and babies don't know any different so little Finn will think you're doing awesome! :) okay and second, AMAZING job on the onesies and shoes! So so cute. If I have a boy someday I'll have to buy some from you.

Maggie said...

Everyone gets a little nervous. Babies come small and forget your mistakes almost immediately.

My only advice (though you didn't ask so you can throw it out the window if you want) is when you feel overwhelmed (because everyone does at some point) just put the baby down and take a step back (or out of the room, or out of the house). Relax. Breathe. Feel calm. Then go back to helping. Crying isn't the end of the world.

All of your stuff looks so wonderful. He's going to look great!

your favorite uncle said...

You should market those shoes, unless you copied them and violated a patent.

You and Dennen will be great parents. Your parents didn't have any training abd look how GOOD they did.