Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Playoff Fever

I have a problem. I'm inextricably drawn to the season-end tournament of any sport. Even boring sports, like baseball, have a way of drawing me once their playoffs get under way. If croquet had a tournament to determine the best in the world, odds are I'd at least know what time it would be on ESPN2. But the NBA playoffs are the best. And the worst. Whoever decided to start the playoffs of the sport that I enjoy watching the most during the last two weeks of school didn't have my best interests in mind. Not only is the springtime weather distracting, but now all the NBA's best are playing the most intense basketball of the season. Instead of thinking about the origin and insertion of muscles I'm thinking about Carmelo Anthony's 1st step and how the Jazz are going to defend it without AK. I mean, look at me, I'm blogging about it. I'm going to study.

1 comment:

Trey said...

I'll tell you who will stop his first step...wes matthews! Or we could just bring back harpring.