Wednesday, August 24, 2011

PA schools

Dennen finished applying to PA schools this past week. Even though we won't be going until next summer, it's still exciting to think about! Here are a list of the 14 schools Dennen applied to (in no particular order).

  • OHSU, Oregon
  • DeSales, Pennsylvania
  • Duke, North Carolina
  • University of N.M., New Mexico
  • Drexel, Pennsylvania
  • Northeastern, Massachusetts
  • Trevecca Nazaraene, Tennessee 
  • Lock Haven, Pennsylvania
  • Salus, Pennsylvania
  • University of New England, Maine
  • Marywood, Pennsylvania
  • U of U, Utah
  • Chatham, Pennsylvania
  • King's College, Pennsylvania

We'll probably hear back in November if he gets any interviews to the schools he applied to (fingers crossed that we have at least a couple to choose from). It would be fun to live in any of those places... Although Oregon would be my fave!

He has worked so stinkin' hard to get to this point, and I am extremely proud of him!! Dennen will be a great PA because he is one of the most compassionate people I know. The medical field definitely needs more people like him.


Anna said...

Good luck to you guys! I am just finishing my clinical phase of PA school and graduate in November. It goes by fast, I have loved every bit of it so far, and I am sure you guys will too!

Michelle said...

We're pulling for any of the PA schools in PA, ha! I saw there was like 6 of them on there! That is rad. And I totally agree with you, the medical field most definitely could use more people like Dennen. He will do so awesome. Keep us posted!

Machelle said...

Hey Hilary! just ran across your cute blog! glad I found it, you guys look great, and your little guy is adorable :) take care

Ry and Heather said...

Good Luck guys!! That picture of your guys is so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures! congratulaqtions to both of you. You are a goot team.

Kim said...

I wish you had Houston, TX on that list! Moving out of state has SERIOUSLY been the best thing for me and my family. Good luck with the fun and exciting process.

The Kynastons said...

I had forgotten you guys were doing PA school...that will be a fun adventure! I think the east coast would be so awesome, but I love Oregon, too, and ANY of them would be an exciting change. Good luck with that whole process!

megs and josh said...

nice. be sure to update us on how the interviews go. love you guys!