Saturday, September 3, 2011

First camping trip

We took Finn on his first camping trip this past Thursday night. We went up AF Canyon and stayed at Timpanookee. Finn loved it! He was a big fan of how many rocks there were to play with. If he saw a trail, he'd start going on it and would swing his arms (a sure sign of happiness). He also loved sitting by the fire and eating dill pickle Pringles, and chocolate.

When he started getting sleepy, we put him in his pack-n-play with his lion and he conked right out. He even slept the whole night without a peep!

The next morning when we finished packing up, we saw 3 big moose! Finn kept saying, "eeee, eeee," (his word for any hairy four-legged animal). I don't think we'd been camping in over 2 years. Going, definitely made me realize how much I miss it. Hopefully we'll be able to go on another camping trip with him before it gets too chilly.


The Kynastons said...

Whoa, those moose are huge. Hopefully you weren't TOO close to them! Your camping trip sounds fun and reminds me why I love camping. This last time we went was so miserable with being pregnant and Macie not sleeping...but someday I hope it will be fun again. :) Oh, and dill pickle pringles?? I NEED some!

Anonymous said...

What a happy family!!!!