Friday, September 23, 2011

Alta hike, Hogle Zoo, and Zions

I've realized that summer is not the time that I want or like to blog. I guess that's because we're usually outside playing. I'll probably be better at keeping up-to-date with, "What's happenin' with the Fraziers?" as it starts to turn more chilly. Speaking of chilly, I hope Fall lasts a while... I think it's pretty much my favorite time of year.

On Labor Day we had ourselves a grand ol' time! Side-note: my mom was listening to the news on Labor Day, and a news reporter decided to do a story on how the unemployed feel on Labor Day. What the?! How do you think they feel? I think it would go something like this, "Ummm, well everyday is a day off for me because I don't have a job, so I guess it's just like any other day. Crappy." Continuing on... We drove up to Alta and hiked to Cecret Lake (yes it's spelled with a "c"). Afterwards we went to Snowbird to go to October Fest. Nothing like a bunch of drunks, yodeling, dancing, and wearing lederhosen to make you laugh.

Cecret Lake at Alta.

We had to get him a sweet Snowbird shirt!

A couple weeks ago I went with my friend Marissa and her twins to Hogle Zoo. Finn had so much fun! He especially liked the monkeys. I sure gained an appreciation for not having two kids the same age. But if anyone handles it well, it's Marissa.

Look at those cute little bums!

Dennen's cousin Casey got married down in Zions. So we went with Dennen's family and stayed a couple nights. His family rented a home in Hurricane that was sooo nice! It even had a pool and hot tub. Finn had a blast running around and playing (probably more accurate to say being in the same proximity) with his cousins. We also went on one little hike in Zions with all the kiddos called Emerald Pools.

Playing at the house and hiking.

At the wedding.

And here are a couple new songs that I really like lately. Does anyone else like Fleet Foxes? I first heard of them from a friend in Logan and have loved them ever since!

This other song I heard on 90.9 KRCL, one of my favorite radio stations. Well most of the time... except when their DJ's bash on Mormons. Nothing irks me more than when people think they can bash on Mormons, or any religion or group of people for that matter. "Shut your pie holes," is what I have to say to them!! Although, some people can do it tastefully, such as Stephen Colbert. Check out this skit that Stephen Colbert does about Mormons, sooo funny! One of my favorite parts, "high-five a tiger!" Wow, kinda got side tracked there...

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The Kynastons said...

You guys are seriously my inspiration to get out and do more things! I love that you go on so many adventures and enjoy the outdoors. Once this baby is out of me, I am SO excited to start hiking and doing those things again!!

Oh, and I got the invitation to Amandah's baby shower and I'll be there! Can't wait to see you!