Sunday, March 25, 2012

Emma's letter to Rowan

My cute niece Emma wrote this letter to her cousin Rowan, and wanted to put it on her grave when her family went to the cemetery the other night.

How cute is it that Emma and Rowan are holding hands and Thomas
and Finn are holding hands?! Cousins forever.

Emma's letter:
Dear Baby Rowan,
I love you baby Rowan so much. 
Baby Rowan I hope you will get alive again. 
I hope your body gets protected.
Baby Rowan I know you get alive again someday. 
I love you.
Love, Emma

We are so grateful to have such thoughtful, loving families. Everyone has been so supportive during this rough time. We are so blessed to have family that will make sure Rowan's grave is taken care of while we're living in Maine. Thank you.

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Jenn said...

oh my cutest letter ever! I love how kids are so wise in their own simple ways. Wish we could all go back to that way of thinking.
Family is where it's all at.