Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cars and mittens

Have I mentioned that Finn loves cars? I mean absolutely loves cars! It may be borderline slight obsession. We might have to have an intervention soon because they seem to be interfering with his everyday life. He always has to have them in his hands and will continue to try and do other non-car related things with them. Case in point, he even sleeps with them when we let him. One clutched in each hand. The best ones in his opinion are the Matchbox cars. He calls them his, "vroom vrooms."

This winter I always told him that we could go outside if he put his mittens on. So what did he do the other day? He grabbed his mittens and headed to the door. Don't worry, his hands were toasty warm because it was about 70 degrees outside and his mittens probably added another 20 degrees of warmth. It was quite the sight to see him running around with mittens on when it was so warm out.


Linds said...

This is adorable. Van still is confused when I tell him he doesn't need a jacket to go outside.

The Kynastons said...

Your pictures are looking so good! I really, really love that he went outside with his mittens. What a cute kid. Wish we could've spent more time with him awake the other day. Thanks again for coming over - I loved seeing you!