Thursday, April 19, 2012

Goblin Valley

I love all of Utah's State and National Parks! Goblin Valley is among them and we went there these past 2 days. Dennen found a yurt that we were able to rent with Dennen's brother Derek, Mandy, and their two kids, Thomas and Emma. I used to love camping and sleeping in a tent.... I still love camping, but I'm not gonna lie, having kids and sleeping in a tent can be kind of rough at times. Renting a yurt is the bee's knees and I highly recommend it. There were beds enough to sleep 5 adults, a heater, running water, and electricity. All the nice things to have while camping. The yurt we stayed in was only 4 months old too, so it still felt way new.

The kids had so much fun running around and playing on the rocks (as did we)! They loved sliding on their bums down the rocks too. Finn never gets bored when he's outside and seems to always be able to entertain himself (which is awesome). We had a fire, roasted mallows, and made smores. Mmmm, mmmm!  It was a much needed little vacation.

Tomorrow we're taking Finn to Primary Children's to get scoped. The procedure is done under general anesthesia. The radiologist and Finn's surgeon will look at his surgery site with the scope and then decide if it needs to be dilated with a small balloon, or decide if other action needs to be taken. Please say a little prayer for Finn and wish us luck. This will be his 4th time under general anesthesia. The worst part is the aftermath. If anyone else has had a child go under general anesthesia you know what I'm talking about... They are nuts when they come off it! I think we'll have to have a brand new Matchbox car ready for him when the procedure is over.

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Dan+Alli said...

Fun! That yurt looks sweet. I'm going to have to get the info from you next time we go down there. And Finn will and has been in our prayers. Love you guys!

denise said...

You are in my prayers always.

Holly said...

Hillary, this is Holly Rhees from the ward, I found your blog through the Birrell's. Anyway I don't know if its to late for this but my daughter Rylie had to have several surgeries and procedures at Primary's when she was younger and I always hated the after effects of anesthesia, she was out of control. Then one nurse finally told me a little trick. She told us in recovery to ask for some regular Coke for her to drink instead of juice, and man did it work great. I don't know what it was, but every time after that we gave her Coke in recovery and she was a million times better. Good luck!

The Kynastons said...

Your trip sounds so awesome! I have got to check out those yurts sometime...sounds like a great alternative to tent camping. (I"m with ya on the whole tent sleeping with kids thing..) Glad you guys had fun!

And I hope Finn's surgery went well. I've been thinking of you guys the last few days and praying for him.

Birrell Family said...

Hi Hilary-
We have gone down to goblin a couple of times and I am wondering where the yurts are and do you have contact info. How could I have missed them? Red rock pictures are my favorite!

megs and josh said...

Bam! Too much fun! Totally jealous looks like an awesome trip. Glad you enjoyed. Love the pics. Take care and keep on smiling :)