Thursday, May 31, 2012

Antelope Island and graduation

Basically there are a million pictures on our camera right now. From our last hoo-rahs in Utah, to Finn's birthday, to traveling across the country, to Tyler's graduation in Boston, we filled up a 2 GB card. I've got to start somewhere. So here it goes.

We wanted to see some of our buddies from Logan before we left. So on our way to Megan's graduation, we stopped at Antelope Island because our friend's had a road bike race there. Lisa is a good friend I met while in grad school. Her and her husband, Brad, are way cool and it was good to see them!

From there, we drove to Logan for Megan's graduation. She received her masters in school counseling. Throughout our lives, everyone we meet for the first time thinks she is older than me. Maybe she just has a more mature countenance about her :) Way to work hard sista, love you! Isn't she so smart and pretty?!

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