Monday, July 2, 2012


Today Finn and I went to a Mom to Mom of Maine activity (yes, we've joined a mom group here).  We went frogging at a place called Gilsland Farm Audubon Society. There was a cool visitors' center with a bee hive, turtles, and other fun animals for kids to look at. There was also a pond, which is where we caught (and released) ourselves some giant tadpoles. The tadpoles were as big as ping-pong balls! No lie.

Right after I took these pictures of Finn looking at the tadpole we caught, he fell into the pond. Whoops. I was quick though, and snagged him by his arm and yanked him out. He only fell in up to his waist and wasn't too distraught about the whole thing. No harm done.

And by the way. Finn really does smile. Just not for pictures.


Anonymous said...

Dang!!! He is so cute and I bet he's smarter about ponds now. Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Fun, Fun, more fun. Next time you might try for some frogs.